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What is One Cuyahoga?


Collaboration and Regionalism

OneCuyahoga is about creating prosperity, increasing public safety, and providing the social services for those who need it. OneCuyahoga is a commitment to thinking and acting regionally for the betterment of the County as a whole. By sharing the assets with the fifty-nine independent municipalities, we can operate as a truly united region – ONE Cuyahoga. A new spirit of collaboration and cooperation in local governments is needed.By acting as ONE Cuyahoga and removing the jurisdictional rivalries and geographical and political barriers, we can adopt a unified approach to the challenges and opportunities that lie before us. 


Open and Transparent Government

Transparency in government means better visibility for the citizens of Cuyahoga County - the hallmark for the operation of OneCuyahoga. We are committed to providing the public easier access to information about county programs and services. We want residents to know how their tax dollars are being spent. Communication through the timely posting of government spending reports and contracts, meeting notices, and video on demand playback of public meetings will ensure that any county resident can stay informed.


Economic Development

We are committed to the countywide economic development plan and seeing through the completion ongoing projects, such as the MedicalMart and the development of the County as a hub for advanced energy. OneCuyahoga can improve the business climate by providing existing and new businesses – big and small – with a ONE stop point of contact with local government in the county.


Improving the Efficiency of County Government

At all levels of government leaders are talking about doing more with less. Efforts to centralize functions, eliminate unnecessary goods and services, standardize procedures, and work across traditional boundaries are critical to restoring citizen confidence in government and to generating the savings needed to invest in the region.